Saturday Interview with me at Intervention

I was a guest at the third annual internet culture convention, Intervention Con, this weekend! I had a great time. A member of their team interviewed me on Saturday. Check it out

Intervention guest Christiann MacAuley is the creator of and also a former zinester. Unlike many modern artists, she produces her work by hand as opposed to using Photoshop or other online tools. We chatted with her about her various projects and the transition from zinester to online personality.

Can you describe your comic?

“It’s a humor webcomic that is usually one panel or very few panels long. There’s no storyline; it’s just a lot of random things. I try to update once a week or a few times a week and have been doing it for four years.”

What freedoms do you have by using paper and ink that others who use computers may not have?

“Mine has more of a human look to it, I think. There’s no perfectly straight lines or perfect circles or anything like that, and if there is, it’s something that I created. The hand lettering also makes a big difference. Plus you can always see the color of the paper I use.”

Read the rest of the interview here! Just to set the record straight though, I often digitally color the work I post online! I do all my drawing and inking on paper though :)