Drawing squares

I spend a disproportionately large amount of my Comics Making Time just drawing squares and rectangles. I’m not trying to draw perfect squares or perfect rectangles, but creating any shape even resembling a square taxes my juvenile drawing skills immensely.

But one thing I truly excel at is wasting time. It can take me ten minutes or more to make a page in my sketch book that looks like this: 

Crappy unfinished sketchbook page
(This is the abandoned first draft of this comic)

But wouldn’t it be great if I could just spend that time drawing, y’know, stuff? So  this weekend when I decided it was time to buy this apparent gem on Amazon:

(This is my Amazon account. My name on Amazon is Osama. I’m pretty sure I changed it because I am secretly a troll.)

That thing was delivered to the front desk of my apartment building yesterday morning according to UPS. The package was signed for by Stephanie.

According to the front desk of my apartment building, there is no package. Stephanie is not available.

I’m gonna draw some squares now. With a ruler and a vengeance.

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